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Hi, I’m Darrin Lile, a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer. I received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Film and Media studies from the University of Kansas, taught 3D animation and game design at the Art Institute of Wisconsin, and have been a technical editor of Blender books for Packt Publishing.

I’m bringing my academic training, expert knowledge, and teaching experience together, here at, to create a Blender curriculum that will help you get up to speed quickly, so you can start creating your own amazing animations and games.

The Blender101 Daily Video

Blender335: Creating a Weapon with Blender and Substance Painter

#40. Using Smart Materials in Substance Painter

In this course you’ll learn how to use Blender’s modeling tools to create a high resolution model of an M249 Machine Gun. We’ll go over retopology techniques that will allow you to create a low-poly version of the high-poly mesh. You’ll also learn how to create a Color ID map using Blender’s Vertex Paint tools, bake Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps in Blender and in Substance Painter, assign materials in Substance Painter based on a Color ID map, and import your Blender models into Unity so that you can assign the PBR textures that were created in Substance Painter.


“I’ve got to say that Darrin Lile’s methodical approach is what makes him a great instructor. Anyone can make a “tutorial” video, but not everyone can teach. It isn’t just a matter of look at what I do, then pause and copy. It is a matter of “this is WHY I do what I do” and as a result the pupil begins to gain understanding and through that, experience, and they finally become that which they studied to become. My hat’s off to you, Darrin. Thank you.”

-Bratislav Z.

“Thanks for making seemingly complex things approachable.”

-Ryan P.

“I’ve watched through all of your videos in about a week and I’ve gone from knowing zero about Blender, character modeling and rigging, to creating my own character model and rigging it correctly. You’re like the Bob Ross of Blender (I mean that as the most sincerest of compliments)! Thank you so much.”

-Danny F.

“I love your tutorials! For the first time, I’m able to understand Blender! Thank you so much!”

-Jade W.

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate these high quality tutorials you put out!!! You are truly an inspirational person.”

-Zach B.

The Blender Quick Start Guide eBook

I’d like to offer you this FREE ebook to help kick-start your Blender training. Here you’ll find the essential tools and techniques to set the groundwork for creating animations, VFX, and video games with Blender. Most artists hit a road block at the very beginning because they were never given the fundamental concepts that they needed to move forward. Now you can get the head-start you need, FREE, with “The Blender Quick Start Guide.”
This FREE 23-page ebook will go over such topics as:

The Blender Interface and Navigation
Essential Short Cut Keys
Pivot Points and Origins
Essential Modeling Tools
Personalizing Blender
and Much More…

Blender Quick Start Guide
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